I’m a big fan of Traveling Mailbox. it makes dealing with mail soooo much easier. See our full review at Dealing with Snail Mail while living in Mexico.

I also like using a VPN service – especially when I want to work around accessing geo-restricted content. For more details, check out our previous post on Why I use a VPN in Mexico – and which one I use

I’ve been mostly using Private Internet Access for my VPN, and it’s been working well.

Another VPN Option

Recently, Traveling Mailbox posted that they’re now offering a VPN service as well. So, if you already have a Traveling Mailbox account, you can also use their VPN service – it’s included in your subscription – at no additional charge.

I asked them if they plan to charge for this in the future, Their response:

At this time, we plan to just offer it as a feature of using Traveling Mailbox. I don’t think we intend to charge for it. 


Now, to be fair, their service will not be as robust or as full featured as a company whose entire business is providing VPN services. For example, Private Internet Access has over 3300 Servers in 44 Countries. Whereas with Traveling Mailbox’s VPN service – it all routes into one static IP.

I set it up on my Mac laptop, and on my iPhone, and setup was quick and easy. Running a Speedtest shows only a very minor drop in speed when connected. This was a problem I had with some other VPN services that I tested (once connected to their VPN, my download speed would drop considerably).

Other Traveling Mailbox Ideas

I do like that they actively listed to their users for new ideas and improvements. Check out their Ideas forum – where you can see some of their future plans, and ideas that have already been implemented.

Ideas are Brewing


Depending on your particular needs, this new service may be good enough. And since it’s included as a bonus with your existing Traveling Mailbox subscription – it’s definitely worth trying out.

I’m sure I sound a bit like a commercial for Traveling Mailbox – but I really am a big fan of their service. We’ve been using them for processing our mail for over 3 years now, and we’ve been completely happy.

If you do try out their VPN, drop a comment below and let me know how it works for you!

Affiliate Link Disclosure

Note: the Traveling Mailbox links in this post are my affiliate link, so should you sign up using my link, I do get a small kickback. I think it’s enough to buy a beer. Or maybe two beers down here in Mexico!