We’ve created this page to list the services, products, and companies that we use and recommend.

We use Traveling Mailbox for dealing with our US mail and we love it – it makes dealing with mail soooo much easier. See our full review at Dealing with Snail Mail while living in Mexico
We use Private Internet Access VPN here in Mexico, which allows us to access geoblocked content (TV, movies, music), and also to encrypt and protect our data. See our full post on Why I use a VPN in Mexico – and which one I use


Note: some of the links here are affiliate links, which means that if you sign up using our link, we do get a small kickback. It’s typically  enough to buy a beer. Or maybe two beers down here in Mexico! So if you do sign up, please use my link, which will help keep me well inebriated! Muchas gracias!