I don’t think I was mentally prepared with how stressful this move would be. Yesterday, I literally wanted to go back to bed, crawl under the covers, and hide. But the health coach and adult in me knew that doing that wouldn’t produce any relief from the stress and anxiety that I was feeling; and that the only thing that DOES truly lessen the feeling is doing something. Anything – to work through the angst.

The problem was that I was blocked, mentally from doing anything creative. So, I had to do something mindless – something that needed to be done, that I didn’t need to do a lot of thinking about. I think it took my mind off of the stress, and eventually with a lot of deep breathing, I felt a little better.

Since we put our house on the market, and I put in my notice at my in-person day job, everything has been moving very quickly. And in the past few weeks, everything has been moving even quicker, and we’ve had some unexpected expenses that seemed to come out of left field.

One of the stressful event that happened, was that I witnessed a termite swarm. An EFFING TERMITE SWARM! We’ve lived in our house for 16 years, and we’ve never seen a termite or scorpion in our house. AND NOW, 10 days before we’re supposed to close on our house, I witness a swarm.

I took video of it – these little flying ant-like things just kept popping up between the boards of our deck in our screened in porch. And as I looked out into the yard, they were just spewing out into our backyard.


After googling ‘Texas flying bugs’ and looking at the images, I confirmed that yes, they were indeed termites. BUT in reading about swarms, the presence of a swarm doesn’t mean that your house is infested or has damage.

Yes, it’s scary AF, but it doesn’t have to be.

I called our pest control company for them to come out & called my realtor. What was our liability in this? What did I need to do? Was it going to be expensive to treat?

Cause you always hear about how expensive it is to treat termites.

To make a somewhat boring story less long, there was no infestation, and the deck wasn’t damaged. We had the deck treated & I sent the paperwork off to my realtor to share with the buyers.

Later that same week, both Gary’s & my car were in the shop – we’re selling mine, and of course the check engine light came on, as well as a tire pressure alert. Gary’s car needed some preventative care since we’ll be driving it down to Mexico. I also found out that I need a crown, and Gary’s having oral surgery next week. And to top it off, at the end of the week, our garage door sensors were off, and Gary got frustrated because the door wouldn’t go down, and so he punched the garage door opener, and broke it.

What you should have just heard as you read that last paragraph was the sound of cha-ching! cha-ching! cha-ching!

I left my job as Fitness Director at a local country club at the end of March. I’ve spent the past year building up my online business so that I can work remotely. As such, the internet is now my office. Facebook, my business blog, instagram, and Youtube now part of how I reach my clients and deliver content.

And part of being a health coach, I think that I need to share with my readers that life is real. I don’t walk around in a blissful bubble every day. Some times life gets hard. And so I wrote about the shit storm that was the previous week.

So, the reason I wanted to crawl under the covers yesterday is that our realtor called us yesterday morning with the news that our buyer was completely freaked out. Not only had she read my business Facebook page where I was lamenting our stress situation, but she had also gone to my Youtube channel & seen the video of the termite swarm! Add to that, that she wasn’t aware of the termite swarm, and was concerned that there were other things wrong with the house that we were hiding.

Our closing (TODAY) was in jeopardy.

As I thought about ‘what if…’ we didn’t close today, what would happen? We have little to no furniture. Everything has been sold. We have no chairs, table, we lose our refrigerator on Friday. Would we move anyway? Would our house sell for the same amount? Or because it was empty, would it sell for less?

And then, the self-doubting started: Did I use bad judgement in posting that video to YouTube? Although the issue was resolved, I thought that it had been communicated to the buyers. Would taking the video down make any difference? It had already been seen.

There doesn’t seem to be enough time. Time is the one thing that we don’t have the luxury of. For weeks, I’ve needed a pedicure. I just don’t have the time. Friends want to get together to take us out to lunch or dinner – even drinks. There isn’t time.

Where there were about 18 months for us to make all of these changes, it’s ultimately all gotten condensed down into about 10 weeks. In that time: we’ve sold our house; I’ve quit my job; we’ve sold/donated almost all of our possessions; we’re living like college students; we’re tying up loose ends, going to our doctors, etc. buying things we think we won’t be able to get in Mexico; and have made travel arrangements for our cat to fly down to meet us. (more on that in a future post)

Although I knew that these things were going to happen, I don’t know why I didn’t expect other stuff to pop up.

I’m trying to be an adult and keep it together. It’s been difficult.