Recently we took an extended weekend trip and visited San Miguel de Allende. I took about seventy zillion pictures, so I’ll likely break this trip up into multiple posts.

The colors in the city are incredible. Everywhere you turn there’s a beautiful building, church, painting, flowers, or people.

San Miguel is well over 500 years old, and is an amazingly beautiful colonial city. Because of its location and higher elevation, the weather is perfect. Slightly cool in the mornings and evenings, and 75 and sunny during the day, all without humidity. It’s a perfect escape from the heat and humidity of where we live in Quintata Roo.

San Miguel de Allende

Old-school transportation

Getting There

We flew from Cancun to Leon, which is about a 2.5 hour flight. We flew on Interjet, which is one of the smaller Mexican airlines. Similar to JetBlue, Interjet seems to be competing by offering a better experience. They offer a lot of legroom (34″ of pitch!), free checked bags, free snacks and drinks (including free alcohol!). We had a great experience flying Interjet.

We then hired a car service (Viajes San Miguel) for the ride from the airport in Leon to Sam Miguel. It’s about a 1.5 hour car ride.


We stayed at Casa 1810, which is a boutique hotel in the center of San Miguel. It’s a 1-minute walk to the jardin (the central park) and the Parroquia (the famous pink church).

It’s a beautiful hotel with excellent service.



On the rooftop bar of our hotel

View from the rooftop bar of our hotel


Around Town

View from a cool rooftop bar we stumbled upon

Elizabeth and a mojiganga

Colorful homes are everywhere

So festive!

Perfect little vignettes are everywhere

Wrap Up

OK, I think that’s enough pics for now. More to come later…