We recently went to Xoximilco with a group of friends – it was a blast!

Xoximilco is a “floating Mexican fiesta”. You spend the evening on these boats that are poled through a series of canals. There’s dinner, and open bar.

It’s basically a drink fest – and it’s totally fun!


The boat captain is an entertainer, and does a lot to keep everyone having a great time.

Open Bar

Each boat holds about 20 people. The center of the boat is long table, and in the center of the table is a built-in cooler full of beers, water, sodas, canned margaritas, juices, and bottles of liquor (tequila, run, and vodka). It’a all you can drink all night. When one bottle of tequila is emptied, the boat captain pulls out another bottle. All night.  You’ll want to hire a driver or take a cab, for sure.

The boats – called trajineras


There’a 4 courses – each person gets an appetizer platter, then quesadillas, then a dinner platter, then a dessert platter. The food is meant to be tastings of foods from around the country. They describe it as “various samples of Mexican gastronomy.”  Honestly, the food was average. Although you don’t go to Xoximilco for the food. You go to drink, hang out with cool people, enjoy some music, and do a little drunken boat dancing.

The website lists all of the details of the food.

Dinner, Appetizers, and Desserts


Chapulines (grasshoppers)


My wife loves props!



There’s a variety of live music throughout the evening – mariachi, norteño, ranchero, etc. As you go through the canals, you pass by musicians on land, and others on boats.


I’m not sure if they always do fireworks or not. It was the weekend celebrating Mexican independence day, so the fireworks may have been a special celebration. Either way – it was a great end to the evening.



México lindo y querido (Beautiful and beloved Mexico)


Discount for Residents

If you’re a resident of Qunitana Roo, you get a 50% discount! 

Drink fest at a discount – even better!

La Conclusión

We had a fabulous time at Xoximilco! We went with a great group of 10 friends, and we would definitely go back. It’s definitely a touristy place, but even so, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

Lots of tequila, lots of smiles, lots of laughs!