After the fun of inspections, visas, and customs at the border, we were on our way South.

We drove from Laredo TX to Matehuala, San Luis Potosi. About 350 miles. Total driving time was about 8 hours.

Laredo TX to Matehuala, San Luis Potosi

The drive was fairly easy, and the roads, for the most part, were pretty good.

I love Cabrito tacos!

On a number of occasions, we were driving down a highway, and saw herd of animals grazing in the medians – goats, sheep, horses, cows. Kinda crazy, we thought – what if one of them darts out into the road?

Well, mid afternoon, it happened, We were rockin down the highway at 65 miles an hour, when all of a sudden we see a herd of goats crossing the highway. Single file, taking their damn sweet time.

I had to lock up the brakes, the ABS kicked in, and we went skidding towards the goats. We stopped just a couple of feet from the goats, who were continuing on, oblivious to the fact that they almost became cabrito taco meat. I looked in my mirror, and luckily the 18 wheeler behind me scooted left, also coming to a screeching halt.

And that, kids, is why you don’t drive on Mexican highways at night. It’s less about the banditos / cartels / bad Hombres, than it is about animals crossing the road or sleeping on the warmth of the asphalt. If it was at night, you’d likely hit something. And that’s no bueno!

With the adrenaline kicked in, it was no problem making it the rest of the way to Matehuala.

Sadie and Bessie

Bessie is awesome in the car. We have her bed in the back, and she pretty much sleeps the entire time, as happy as can be.

Bessie, snoozing away in the back of the Jeep


Sadie on the other hand, has too much energy, She wants to be up front, where she can see everything.

Sadie, loving the view from the front seat, on Elizabeth’s lap

Although, for a while today, they both slept in the back.

Sadie and Bessie, catching some ZZZ’s

Las Palmas

We spent the night at Las Palmas Midway Inn. Many of the travelers through Mexico recommend this place, so we gave it a shot.

Las Palmas Midway Inn

The place is right on the highway, so its super convenient as an overnight stop over. You can drive to and park right at your room, which is very convenient, and very safe. The rooms are basic, but clean. And they accept dogs – which was a requirement for us.

Las Palmas at sunrise

The restaurant has an outdoor patio, so we were able to have dinner there, and bring the dogs with us. The food was fine. Nothing spectacular. Bit it was convenient, and good enough.

And did I mention it was only about $45 US per night!

The next morning we had breakfast inside the restaurant. Again, the food was adequate. But the decor! It was right out of 1950. It reminded me of a HOJOs from when I was a kid.

Elizabeth at Las Palmas restaurant

Waiters in waistcoats, large lamps on the tables, red and blue chairs, lots of heavy woods. Crazy.

At least they had the retro fonts on their menus and checks to match – so that gained some points with us!

Retro fonts!

Oh, and did I mention they have a putt-putt mini golf course on site? Golfito! No, we didn’t have time to play.


Next stop – Puebla!

After breakfast, we headed off to Puebla. That’s a post for another day…