Earlier this year, we were selected to be on House Hunters International TV show. We filmed in July, and our episode airing date was finally announced – January 16, 2019.

The HGTV website has the specific times:


The episode shows us searching for a home to rent in Puerto Morelos. So you’ll get to see us, our lovely beachy village of Puerto Morelos (yay!), and our super cute dogs Bessie and Sadie (I have a hunch Bessie will be the star of the show!)


More or Less in Puerto Morelos

Here’s the episode description:

Tired of waiting to enjoy their lives, a couple decides to become digital nomads in the lovely town of Puerto Morelos, Mexico. They’ve sold everything they own in Texas to downsize to a simpler life, but once they cross the border with their two dogs, they realize that a new town and a new country may be stressful in unforeseen ways.


Huge Thanks to Run Away Realty

We are super thankful to our friends and realtors Kim and Gabriel at Run Away Realty. They recommended us for the show, and were a huge part of the episode – you’ll see them both on the show.


Behind the Scenes Pics

Here’s a few pics from our 5 days of taping

Us and Kim – I think we liked that property!
One of the properties we looked at
Setting up for Kim’s realtor segment

That boom mic was everywhere!

The sound guy’s bag of tricks

Tequila tasting at La Sirena

Punta Corcho restaurant

Close-up shot of the escamoles (ant larvae) – Mexican caviar!

Beachfront property!

Rainy day of filming at Cafe D’Amancia

Us, the crew, and our realtors (Kim and Gabriel from Run Away Realty)

Elizabeth framing up the next shot, Scorsese-style!

TV is glamorous

Last day of filming – we were all a bit punchy by that point

Exhaustion setting in