Every morning, we take our dogs for a walk. But on Wednesdays, instead of returning home from the beach, we walk over to the town square for the Wednesday market.

Now, don’t think this is one of those huge-ass markets that happens in other Mexican towns. Some of those have thousands of vendors, and you could easily spend the whole day there. We’ve been to those, and they’re awesome. But this isn’t that.

Nope, this is just a small group of vendors that setup next to the church on Wednesday mornings. But it’s perfect for us.

Fresh fruit and veggies!

We buy a bunch of fresh fruit and vegetables, eggs, some sweet homemade treats from Gerry, and a whatever other things look appealing.

Elizabeth is loving the fresh mangos here – she says they’re edible sunshine!

Last week we bought some fresh bread, this week we got some homemade meatballs. When it cools down a bit (or, *if* it cools down a bit), we might try some homemade soup or lasagna.

This is where we tend to get most of our fruit and vegetables now.

Market vendors

Sweet Treats from Gerry – banana bread, date squares, and pecan-chocolate bars

There is also a small fruit and veg stand around the corner from our house, where we’ll pop in if we need something last minute.

Produce shop. They also sell fresh homemade juices.

Oh, and there’s also the guy who rolls around the town selling fruit and veg out of his truck. Another good option!

The fruit and vegetable truck that rolls through town

One of the things we love about living here is that we can walk to many places. We walk to the beach, to restaurants, to the coffee shop, to the Wednesday farmers market, to the gelato stand, etc. There was nothing within walking distance of our house back in Austin – we drove everywhere.

We’re walking more, interacting with more people, buying more fresh and local items.

We are certainly loving our new home!