Last year I shared some details regarding how we deal with Snail Mail while living in Mexico.  We chose a virtual mailbox service – Traveling Mailbox, which we’ve now been using for over a year, and it’s been fantastic!

  • It’s super easy to view our mail online, and save or print things that we want to keep.
  • We don’t get any junk mail.
  • I’ve received credit cards, and had them forwarded to me.
  • I’ve received checks, and I’ve been able to deposit them online using my bank’s mobile app.
  • Their online customer service chat has been easy to work with, and they respond quickly.


I track our usage every month, so that I can gauge if we’re on the right plan.

Traveling Mailbox Usage

I really had no idea how much mail we would be getting, so we started on the Extended Plan, which gives us 100 Incoming Envelopes / Month and  80 Page Scans / Month.

We’re averaging 17 envelope scans and 27 page scans per month.

That’s way less mail than we used to get in the US. Although I bet a fair amount of the mail that we used to get was mostly catalogs and unsolicited junk mail.

Available Plans

Traveling Mailbox Pricing

They allow you to upgrade the plan at any time or downgrade without any penalties.

Looks like it might be time to downgrade to the Basic Plan.

Business Usage

My business partner and I recently switched our business mailing address to Traveling Mailbox as well. We used to have a PO Box for our business – but that required someone to physically drive to the post office to retrieve mail, and then we would scan anything important, and then upload it to our shared Google Drive. Now we’ve elminiated trips to the post office, and everything is already scanned. It’s great!


We’ve been super happy with Traveling Mailbox, both for personal and for business purposes, and would definitely recommend it for anyone who is looking to simplify dealing with snail mail. It’s especially great for people who travel a lot or live outside of the country.


Affiliate Link Disclosure

Note: the Traveling Mailbox links in this post are my affiliate link, so should you sign up using my link, I do get a small kickback. I think it’s enough to buy a beer. Or maybe two beers down here in Mexico! So if you do sign up, please use my link, which will help keep me well inebriated!