Thursday was our first official day living in Mexico.

We’re busy un-packing, getting settled, enjoying some tunes. We hear chainsaws going outside on the street. And then the power goes out. Joy!

Head outside to the street, and sure enough, they power line to the house is sitting on the ground.

Our landlord goes out and has a talk with them, and we’re informed that the power company will have to come out and repair it. Maybe in a few hours.

A few hours later, the ceiling fans start spinning again. Yay – we have power again!

But, no internet. Apparently they also cut the cable line that goes to the house.

Call the cable company – they should have someone out to fix it in 24-48 hours. Ugh.

Welcome to Mexico!

Good thing that almost every cafe/restaurant/bar in town has WIFI. So off we go to Punta Corcho, one of our favorite restaurants, to have a cerveza and sponge off their WIFI.

Hard at work at Punta Corcho

That was on Thursday.

On Friday afternoon, we see the cable guy there, throwing a new cable over other cables.

Um, shouldn’t you have a truck with a cherry picker or something?

Nevertheless, an hour later, and our internet is back up. Double Yay!

Later on, back on the street, we noticed that there’s extra cable just hanging down through the trees. It looks like it’s the old cable that was cut. Maybe. Not sure. Regardless, it’s just cable, hanging down, running through tree branches.

I’m sure this meets code


It’s fine. Just some extra wire. No problemo.


This is soooo Mexico. Learning to embrace the idiosyncrasies of our new country…