A common question we get asked is whether we can get Amazon deliveries in Mexico (or more specifically, in Puerto Morelos).

The answer is a definitive Yes!

We used to order everything from Amazon when we lived in the US. Heck, when we remodeled our kitchen, I literally ordered a kitchen sink.

So when we moved to Mexico, we were unsure if we could still take advantage of the convenience of Amazon. Luckily, we’ve been able to, and it’s worked out great.

As I’m writing this post, it happens to be Amazon Prime Day

Amazon US and Amazon MX

We can actually order from Amazon US (amazon.com) and from Amazon Mexico (amazon.com.mx). We’ve ordered from both, and have had no problems with receiving shipments from either.

Each site has different items, so it’s best to search both sites and see who has what you’re looking for.

In addition, be sure to compare the prices, including shipping. Sometimes it’s cheaper to order the same item from the US, including shipping and import fees, as opposed to ordering from MX.

Refine Your Search

When searching on Amazon US, I find I have the best luck when refining my searches so that I look for products that Ship to Mexico and are Sold by Amazon. 

Refine your search


If I can’t find what I’m looking for, then I may expand my search to other sellers. But this tends to be my default search criteria.

Shipping and Import Fees

When looking at a product on Amazon US, it will show a Price, and also the Shipping & Import Fees.

Shipping & Import Fees


Amazon will charge you up front what it expects the import fees (sometimes people call this the customs fee or duty) to be.

I have never had Amazon come back later and request additional import fees – but I have had them reimburse me some of the import fee – although usually it’s only a few pennies.

Every penny counts

Ships to Mexico – Maybe

Also – just because it says “Ship to Mexico”, that doesn’t mean that it will ship to us in Puerto Morelos. Looking at the individual product page, you might see “This item cannot be shipped to your selected location.” Bummer.

This item cannot be shipped to your selected location. Womp Womp.



One of the other things that I’ve found is that the shipping address needs to be perfect. This may sound obvious to my US readers, but it’s not always the case here in Mexico.

The likelihood of your package being delivered is a combination of how it’s addressed, and how well the driver knows the area. We get Amazon deliveries via FexEx and DHL, as well as local last-mile carriers.

In other parts of Mexico, an address may be as simple as a street address and a number, and maybe a neighborhood, such as Avenida Politécnico 18, Colonia San Angel. 

But here, it may look like Supermanzana 25, Manzana 28, Lote 4, Avenida Politécnico 18.

My understanding of the supermanzana/manzana/lote style of addressing is that a supermanzana is a group of blocks, a manzana is a block, and a lote is a lot within that block.

Luckily for us, our house has an actual address (such as Avenida Javier Rojo Gomez 77) as well as a Supermanzana/Manzana/Lote address (typically written with abbreviations such as SM6 M2 L77)

So, when we address packages for delivery, we ALWAYS include both:

Avenida Javier Rojo Gomez 77
SM6 M2 L77
Puerto Morelos, Quintana Roo

Using this style of addressing has worked out great for us, and when we address in this way, we always get our deliveries.

Note: this is NOT our actual address. But if you want to send us something (like some Speculoos Cookie Butter), drop me a line and I’ll share our actual address.


Wrap Up

Although we don’t order from Amazon as often as we used to when we lived in the US, we still do, and it’s super convenient.

We can’t get everything shipped here, but we’ve definitely been able to get what we need, and then some.


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