For years, Saturday night has been pizza night for us. Most of the time (back in the US), we made our own pizza at home. It took a few years, but we came up with a good dough recipe, and we cooked on the outdoor grill.

Now that we’re here in Puerto Morelos, we need to try ALL the pizza restaurants here in town. So on Saturday night, we tried Al Horno, which is in the colonia.

It’s a nice space, with outdoor seating. There were street dogs hanging around and no one cared, so next time we’ll probably bring our dogs with us.

Al Horno Pizzeria – obviously dog-friendly!


They have empanadas, salads, and pizzas. Tonight was all about the pizza. The table next to us ordered a salad, which looked pretty good, so we may go back and try a salad and their empanadas.

Al Horno menu – available in Spanish and English


We ordered 2 medium pizzas – a margarita and a pepperoni.


The pizza was one of the better ones we’ve had in Puerto.

We prefer Neapolitan style pizza, with its soft, chewy crust that is full of large air pockets. But we’ve yet to find that style here in Puerto. Everything is a flatter, more crisp dough. I *think* that most of the doughs here don’t use an active yeast, so they don’t get the dough rise like we’re used to. I’ve been looking for active or instant dry yeast here in the super markets, but I haven’t found it yet.

Anyway, back to the pizza at hand. It’s a very good pizza in its own style. Crisp crust, tasty sauce, not too much cheese (some places tend to over-cheese).


Al Horno does not serve alcohol, but you can get drinks from the bar next door, or bring your own.

We brought our own bottle of wine, and they brought out mason jar glasses.

Drinking wine from mason jars – classy!


They do deliver as well.

Al Horno Delivery

No mucho dinero

Our big Saturday night dining escapade bill for 2 pizzas was 180 pesos. About $10 USD!

Add in our bottle of wine ($9 US from Costco), and our total cost was $19 US! Livin’ large on poco dinero.

180 pesos!


We’re kinda pizza snobs aficionados, so finding decent pizza joints is important. As I said, this was definitely one of the better pizzas we’ve had in Puerto.

We’ll definitely be back to Al Horno, both for more pizza, and to try their empanadas and salads.