Goodbye Texas, Hola Mexico!

The adventures of Gary & Elizabeth. We left our home in Austin, TX, in April of 2017, and are now living in Puerto Morelos, Quintana Roo, Mexico. It’s us, our two dogs Bessie and Sadie, and our cat, Wookie.

These are our stories.

From Austin to Mexico

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Amazon deliveries in Mexico?

A common question we get asked is whether we can get Amazon deliveries in Mexico (or more specifically, in Puerto Morelos). The answer is a definitive Yes! We used to order everything from Amazon when we lived in the US. Heck, when we remodeled our kitchen, I...

How we deal with banking in Mexico

One of the common questions that seems to come up is about banking while living in Mexico. So far we've done perfectly well with only our US financial accounts. Some of our friends here have Mexican bank accounts and credit cards. But for us, it hasn't been an issue...

How much mail do we get? An update on our Traveling Mailbox Usage

Last year I shared some details regarding how we deal with Snail Mail while living in Mexico.  We chose a virtual mailbox service - Traveling Mailbox, which we’ve now been using for over a year, and it's been fantastic! It's super easy to view our mail online, and...