Goodbye Texas, Hola Mexico!

The adventures of Gary & Elizabeth. We left our home in Austin, TX, in April of 2017, and are now living in Puerto Morelos, Quintana Roo, Mexico. It’s us, our two dogs Bessie and Sadie, and our cat, Wookie.

These are our stories.

From Austin to Mexico

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2018 Puerto Morelos Internet Survey Results

We recently sent around a survey to Puerto Morelos residents, asking them some questions about their internet experience. Survey Questions Who is your internet provider? What part of town do you live in? What are your internet download and upload speeds? How reliable...

Chase bank now reimburses ATM fees – including here in Mexico

In my previous post on How we deal with banking in Mexico, I discussed using Chase as our primary bank, and also Schwab as a secondary bank. I love using Schwab becase they don't charge Foreign Transaction Fees, and they have Unlimited ATM fee rebates worldwide. That...

Our experience with buying a new car in Mexico

We recently purchased a new car here in Mexico - a Honda CR-V. It was definitely a different experience than buying in the US. Selection We knew we wanted a small SUV, so I did a bunch of research online. The two that we seriously considered was the Hyundai Tucson and...