We leave tomorrow for Mexico.

Not for spring break. Not for a 2 week stay in an all-inclusive resort.

To live.

It’s early in the morning now. I can’t sleep. I’m stressed. Anxious. Butterflies.

It’s frightening. Somewhat terrifying. Yet completely exciting at the same time.

Elizabeth and I are both 48 years old. Over these years we’ve built a great life together.
Our house is (was) amazing. We had all the “stuff” that we would probably ever need.
Big house. Pool. Beautiful furnishings, 3 cars.  And now it’s gone.

Our house is empty. There’s a beat-up couch, a mattress on the floor, and not much else.

Our entire life has been condensed into a 5×5 storage unit and a Jeep with a 5×8 cargo trailer. That’s it. That’s everything we own.


We’ve sold our stuff, and put a down-payment on new life experiences.

The next chapter in our life starts tomorrow. I’m thrilled!