Today we drove from Matehuala to Puebla. About 440 miles. Total travel time was about 8.5 hours, including a few stops for gas.

Driving today was a bit stressful. A lot of the highways were shit-tastic. Crazy bumpy, lots of potholes. Plus, we were up and down through the mountains. Very pretty, but not easy driving. Definitely pushed the Jeep today, but she did great.

Driving through Querétaro was a pain in the ass. Lots of traffic.

Then, when we made it to Puebla, we missed the turnoff to exit into Puebla Centro, and took the toll road that basically bypasses the downtown central area. When we finally were able to exit and backtrack, exited, we had to navigate through downtown Puebla at 5:00 PM rush hour traffic. The buses and traffic was crazy! I thought we were going to get crushed between multiple buses. But, we took it slow and easy, and made our way to the hotel. Thank god for Waze!

InterContinental Presidente Puebla Hotel

Tonight we’re staying at the InterContinental Presidente Hotel in Puebla. It’s a beautiful hotel. It’s right off the highway (as long as you don’t miss the turn off to Puebla Centro!). I wish we had more than one night to enjoy this hotel, and to explore Puebla.

I think they were caught off guard when I pulled up with the Jeep and the trailer. The valet didn’t look happy. But, there’s a large parking area in front of the hotel, inside their gates, so they had me park it there, which worked out perfect.

When the bellman rolled up to the trailer with his luggage cart, I opened the trailer, and said – Todo ello! (all of it!), He looked at me with crazy eyes, and then fell back into his fancy hotel persona, and said, “Of course!”. Just kidding – just two small suitcases and two backpacks. Easy peasy. The relief on his face was obvious.

They do accept dogs, albeit with a $100 US cleaning fee. They have a few rooms on the first floor that are pet-friendly. Double-beds, not kings. But, they do have a door that leads to an outside walled-in courtyard area, which is super convenient. There are 4 rooms that share this courtyard. And, directly opposite the main room door in the central area with the outdoor pool, and that has a big grass area as well.

Hotel room with courtyard access

Immediately after we checked in, the hotel staff brought us dog beds, food and water bowls, dog food, and even bottled water for the dogs. Awesome!

Dogs are allowed everywhere except the restaurants. So tonight we took the dogs to the Lobby Bar, where there are a bunch of comfortable couches, and we had some wine, and then dinner.

Bessie enjoying the hotel dog bed

Tomorrow we head out to Villahermosa.