We’re taking very little with us when we move to Mexico. Some clothes, some kitchen stuff, some workout equipment, my guitar, some tools, and assorted pet stuff. Not a heck of a lot.

We’ve lived in our house for 16 years, It’s a 3000 square foot fully furnished house.

Put the two together, and you can probably guess that we need to get rid of a LOT of stuff. All of our furniture, tons of kitchen stuff (glassware, utensils, some pots and pans, dishes, etc. ), clothes, art, home decor and accessories, etc.

We’ve taken a multi-prong approach to emptying out house

  1. Donate (Goodwill)
  2. Storage. We’re putting some sentimental stuff and some of our art into storage.
  3. Sell (Craigslist, Facebook, etc.)
  4. Sell (Estate Sale, Garage sale)
  5. Trash

One big idea we had was to hold a Friends and Family Estate Sale. This event just happened this past weekend, and it worked out great!

Facebook Event – Hey Honeymooners!

Elizabeth created a facebook event, and invited all of our Austin friends. Here’s the invite:

Shared Google Spreadsheet

Then, we created a shared Google spreadsheet with all of our stuff. Each room got its own sheet in the workbook. Within each sheet, it listed the item and its cost. Many of our items were un-priced (indicated with an asterisk). This indicated “pay what you want”. Most of those items were generally $5 or less in value.

Here’s an example of one of the sheets. This was our Living Room:

Early Buyers

We created the event and invited everyone 2 weeks in advance. But we also allowed friends to come over early, and attach their names to things that they wanted. Then we simply added their name next to the item on the spreadsheet. Before the actual event, a good chunk of stuff already had been claimed!

Event Day

On the day of the event, we had everything ready to go. The invite was from 10:00 AM -6:00 PM. The doorbell rang at 9:59, and folks started arriving. Some of our dear friends showed up early with Bloody Marys and breakfast tacos – so freakin’ awesome! We had friends hanging out, shopping out stuff, and having a good time all day!

By 7:00 PM, everyone was gone, and we had sold tons of stuff!


Both Elizabeth and I have square credit card readers, which allows us to take credit card payments. This worked out perfect – as most people paid us by credit card. We also got a few checks, and some cash. We were also prepared to take payments with Square Cash and Venmo.

We made it easy for people to pay us!

Elizabeth knows me too well

Before the event, she had warned me that if I started drinking too early, that I would get slightly drunk and just start giving stuff away. Sure enough, thanks to morning Bloody Marys and afternoon beers, by the end of the day I was like: “Oh, go ahead, just take it!”  The whole point was to get rid of stuff!

Wrap Up

We got rid of a ton of stuff, made a few bucks, and got to hang out and catch up with a bunch of our friends all day.

I would call that a huge success!